To find one's way anywhere one has to find one's door, just like Alice ....You take too much of one thing and you get too big, then you take too much of another and you get too small. You've got to find your own doorway into things...

(Paula Rego)

105 Artists Hands book by Cally Trench 

I have some and images in this publication by Cally Trench, please follow this link to Peculiarity Press for more details. 105 photographs of artists’ hands that Cally Trench made between 2018 and 2020. 

 Unprecedented, an online exhibition at OVADA 1st - 30th May 21

An exhibition of collective work created during and in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. I have four A1 photographs entitled Bird by Bird, the photos are part of an ongoing project of gestures, interventions, text and performance work. You can see online from The 1st May, please click here

HOMEBOOKS at Overlay Studios, 1st - 9th May 21

A series of handmade books made during lock down. I have three books shown alongside artists Clare Carswell, Peta Lloyd and Rhiannon Evans. Thank to CouCou Curations and the support of CREIA::: . 1st - 9th May 11 - 6, at Overlay Studios Spelsbury Rd, Charlbury, Chipping Norton OX7 3LL

A Dangerous Field, Magdalen Road Studios, 16th October - 16th November 20

Nostos (homecoming), is a collaborative photographic work, working with Vicky Vergou. The work is part of a project concerning how artists use photography to explore or subvert their ‘field’, or to record and research their subject. Due to the pandemic the work was transferred to an online exhibition, the full exhibition will now take place in 2021. Curated and edited by Cally Shadbolt, Catalina Renjifo and Lucas McLaughlin

Briefly in Transit, Stephens House & Gardens, London, September 27th 20

Visiting Bird, was a series of photographs and actions, exploring the grounds of Stephens Gardens in Finchley, through the eyes and experience of a bird. The work is a nod to the 14th century plague doctors mask. Live actions took on the 19th September.  The sculpture trail,  included 10 artists creating a series of artworks acknowledging and responding to the complexity and simplicity of these transitory times. Curated by Rebekah Dean and supported by The Arts Council England 

research, entitled Life Saving, a series of gestures during a residency in Three Cliffs Bay, Pembrokeshire, 2014

Annie Rapstoff is a cross disciplinary artist,  interested in the interrelationship with place and the human experience in dialogue with other species. Work may take the form of instructions, events, performance for the camera and in situ, gestures, interventions, video and writing/language. Past work has been participatory, collaborative and often process based or ephemeral, she may appear explicitly or anonymously in the work. She questions what she hears, what she feels and what she experiences in space, through objects and across time. 

Her work has been shown in galleries, at conferences, platform/live art events and in public spaces. Recent work, has included responses to the pandemic including a series of works in which she inhabits masks assembled into bird extensions. In addition, she is investigating urban and rural geology including red sandstone, using the action of mark making, through rubbing and scarifying. These small works explore surface, decay and imperfection in layers, particularly cracks in pavements, continuing an ongoing concerns around fragile surfaces and hidden depths.

Annie is also a psychotherapist and coach. She has developed workshops and live art events and is particularly interested and welcomes working in collaboration with other artists and across disciplines. past collaborations include, working with Vicky Vergou, Hilary Kneale and Rebekah Dean.   

Valuable words: Allowing for uncertainty, play, meandering through words and ideas, listening beneath the surface, ecologies of experience in relationship with animals, plants, other objects and the land. 


The involvement of collaboration is essential to Annie's practice, she has worked alongside a botanist, a musician, poets, a highways manager and other artists from various skills backgrounds. The collaborative process, has included co-creating work, such as the film Continuum with artist Vicky Vergou, other collaborative processes might include working together in a residency situation and being in dialogue with each other concerning shared themes or the enhancement of thinking. Collaboration breaks habitual ways of working, offers freedom from lone practice and challenges edges. It can offer a welcome change from being the primary focus and author of ones work and creates opportunities for a more dynamic and democratic way of developing ideas and practice. Alliances and partnerships with non profit organisations, and sectors such as museums, have offered the opportunity to build networks, extend reach to wider audiences and build capacity and networks. This has included working with an artists shop in Abergavenny, The Museum of Domestic Architecture in Cockfosters and The Arts Depot in Finchley.

Intoxicate us with your sweet smelling petrol Bask in the delights of your citroën shimmy Honour them in plastic bags that hang from the trees Pray for those forgotten by the roadside with made to measure flowers Love those who walk the unmapped dead lands Adorn their images in dandelion clocks Praise those who skirt the perimeter fences and come back for more Tempt me with tar sulphate and ammonia Stroke us with the quadraphonic sound of rubber Bathe in the saccharine smell of redevelopment Devote yourselves to the corridors cuttings and embankments Dig deep into her heart and excavate the dumped soil Softly touch the immigrants who transport biodiversity Sing out loud for pollution tolerant colonisers Inhale the sweetness of top soil on her skin Festoon him in things that germinate from fly tipping Dedicate your life to the highways and byways

A Certain Distance

Keeping me at arms length, my edges are fraying, electricity has fused, earth to earth, flesh to flesh, how do I know I am here breath to breath what is the temperature of two people touching? (a response to social distancing, 2020)

  • Didcot, England, United Kingdom