This 2 week residency was supported by OIKA and Eco Museum Zagori, a group developed by scientist Dr Rich Blundell alongside international artists. The group discusses and responds to matters concerning ecological intelligence from a scientific and arts perspective. The residency took place in the remote mountainous village of Elafotopos in Zagori in Northern Greece. Working alongside artists Ida Larsen, Vicky Vergou and Geert Vermiere we had focused time to walk, contemplate time, space and place. The time together resulted in a digital book of the artists time here. 

A short video exploring air and airlessness in the mountains

The mountain top village of Elafotopos in The Pindus Mountain where the residency took place

The mountain side village of Elapfotopos, surrounded by the Pindus range of Mountains,  where we stayed during the residency 

A view from the mountains 

A stone embedded in a tree, whilst walking in down The Vikos Gorge.

Yarn and wool from the local sheep, which triggered research concerning human responses and assumptions concerning sheep. 

Finding our way "home" small pieces of wool were located on trees and bushes in the mountains to guide visitors back to the residency.

Mapping an imaging walk in the mountains.