A 10 day independent residency concerning my ongoing interest in birds which developed during the pandemic. I used the time on the residency to prepare for an exhibition entitled In the Likeness of Birds at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford. Stiwdio Maelor is located in Corris a village in Gwynedd and run by Veronica Calarco. I was very productive during the time there with great opportuntities to immerse myself in the landscape. I was able to shoot footage for several videos, work on gestures and actions for photographic works wearing various bird costumes, including wings and beak masks, embroider bird idioms on a skirt and have space to work on sound. 

The hilly location was central to the work and the focused time to sew seeds and imagine without demands, enabled new creative possibilities for my practice. The methodologies involved in the development of the work included performative modes of practice including, walking, embodied practice, spending time listening and "being" in locations in honest dialogue with place, both energetically and authentically.