Artists Ann Rapstoff and Vicky Vergou developed A.V collaborations in 2013 and  have been working together on a site responsive project entitled Water Map. Their interest includes exploring the theme of water and its rhythms, circulations, elemental nature and properties. 

Their research and responses have taken them to place in The Gower Peninsula in Wales, North Yorkshire and Oxfordshire. They use film, walking, sound, voice, text and performance to create visual, auditory and sensory maps. Their work has included, documenting performative ritual related to collecting water, developing a film concerning the reflectivity of water and its surface movement, located where river meets sea, exploring the immersive environment of water through macro and under water photography, the collecting of water sounds and use of the human voice to develop a sound scape 

Underpinning their work is an interest in a dialogue between humans and the world around us. Their work draws on perception, experimentation,  experiential practice and breathing another time and energy into locations they work with. Ann and Vicky have complimentary and diverse skills and approaches, and  have come together to share and enhance their practice. They work between rural and urban spaces exploring human impact on rivers and water spaces.. Ann Rapstoff is a UK based interdisciplinary artist, whilst her work has been exhibited in gallery spaces, her main interest lies in responding to context and place outside the gallery. 

Through the creation of performance and socially engaged work, she engages in further histories related to identity, myth, narrative and ritual. 

Vicky Vergou is an interdisciplinary artist who works with film, sound, painting and drawing. Through research and participatory processes she responds to the themes of migration and landscape, often producing site specific work in rural locations. They have participated together in exhibitions and art workshops and are both interested in responses to site and place