A residency at the Turbine House, Blakes Lock Museum, which spans The Kennet River. I spent 2 weeks in the space, alongside artist Hilary Kneale. The time was spent researching and experimenting with water from the river, this included washing the floor with Kennet water, working with a stainless steels bathes of water, pouring and washing. 

The water flowed under the space and could be seen through cracks in the floor boards, the constant flow highlighted the illusive and quixotic nature of water. It shifts in time and space, it slides, leaks, pours, cleans, threatens, purifies and offers the possibility to cleanse and renew.  I discovered the case of Amelia Dyer (Annie) who was a baby farmer caring for children for families facing hard times. She had taken some of these children and drowned them in the river and they were washed up in the weir up stream. This underlined the threat of water and the mythical stories of under world. The residency culminated in an open day with poets from the area and interventions. For further information click here