The exhibition ‘A Dangerous Field’ demonstrates how artists use photography to explore, subvert their ‘field’, or record and research their subject whilst engaging in the examination of their practices. To view the online exhibition of the work please visit Magdalen Road Studios. During the pandemic Annie Rapstoff and Vicky Vergou began meeting for socially distanced walking as a form of practice. It became clearer during this time, that the land was a place of direct experience both internally and externally.

Annie and Vicky present a photographic image for the online exhibition entitled Nostos (homecoming). The work explores the ephemerality of the performative gesture. The photograph or documentation, becomes an illusion; it stands in for the walks that were once taken together. The photograph includes the artist praying or kissing the ground, the image is a visual meditation on the earth and the deep feeling of reverence which we wanted to depict. The title raises a question concerning the meaning of home. It is anticipated that an exhibition of further work will be developed in 2021.